Cheese & Wine Pairing

Karland Estate has teamed up with Woodside Cheese Wrights and together we have carefully paired four of Woodside’s famous artisan cheeses with a selection of four of our very best award-winning wines.
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KARLAND ESTATE ‘Dolores’ 2016 Barossa Valley Shiraz  
WOODSIDE Vine-wrapped  ‘Vigneron’ Goat Cheese

Our Dolores Barossa Valley Shiraz has the biggest, ripest flavour profile of the wines in our selection. Fleshy plum and rich chocolate characters are complemented by aged cigar notes, all of which are underpinned by a luxurious silky velour texture. The Dolores has been paired with the wonderfully smooth ‘Vigneron’ goat cheese, and together they form a marriage of pure velvet decadence. Gently washed in an aged Chardonnay and wrapped in selected vine leaves, Woodside’s ‘Vigneron’ Goat Cheese has been designed specifically as a “winemakers cheese”. It is wonderfully smooth and pleasantly earthy. When ripe, this cheese oozes a velvety paste and shows an exceptionally pleasing palate full of complexity. You can eat the leaves, but that is a matter of personal preference. For best expression of flavour and texture, serve this cheese and this wine both at room temperature. Decant and allow the wine to breathe for 60 minutes prior to drinking.

KARLAND ESTATE ‘Equi Animo’ 2015 Adelaide Hills Cabernet Sauvignon
WOODSIDE ‘Charleston’ Jersey Brie

Our Equi Animo Adelaide Hills Cabernet Sauvignon has a ripe, full-bodied palate with a complex aroma/flavour profile showing layers of redcurrants, mint chocolate and thick caramel. This wine has been paired with Woodside’s ‘Charleston’ Jersey Brie which is a rich flavoursome brie style cheese made from Jersey cow’s milk sourced from the Adelaide Hills. This pair both show unique, complex flavours and are both underpinned by a smooth creamy mouth-filling texture. The unique flavour and development of The Charleston is influenced by the coexistence of various moulds on its surface. These moulds ripen the cheese from the outside to the centre over a period of about six weeks from the make date. When the cheese is ripe it is soft and creamy in texture and develops rich complex “farm yard” and mushroom characters as it ages. The Charleston may develop some brownish spots on the outer surface which is a natural part of its maturation. The Charleston is ideally suited to a cheese plate with fresh bread and seasonal fruit. For full flavour and texture development, serve both cheese and wine at room temperature. Decant and allow the wine to breathe for 60 minutes prior to drinking.

KARLAND ESTATE ‘Karland’ 2017 Padthaway Shiraz
WOODSIDE ‘Edith’ Ashed Goats Milk Cheese

Our Karland Padthaway Shiraz is bright and fresh, while still mellow and earthy. Ripe berries, chocolate and peppery spice are layered over a robust oak profile. The Padthaway Shiraz is not quite as heavy in flavour as the other two reds featured in the cheese pairing, however its younger, fresher fruit characters allow it to complement a cheese in different ways. For this wine we have chosen the Woodside ‘Edith’ Ashed Goats Milk Cheese. This is the strongest flavoured cheese in the pairings and takes centre stage in this duo.  The Edith provides a memorable base of intense flavours and stunning textures while the Padthaway Shiraz fills out the pairing with fresh berry characters and firm oak notes. 

Edith is a traditional French style goat milk cheese which is rolled in ash. The recipe originates in a small town near Burgundy in France, where it was made by a young woman named Edith. The delicate nature of the curds require the cheese to be handled carefully as several turns are performed to ensure the correct moisture is released from the young cheeses. From there, careful cave-ripening begins. Once the bloomy white mould rind has covered the cheese, it is rolled in ash. The ash changes the pH of the surface mould and encourages the further development of white mould. The ash also imparts a unique savoury flavour. As a young cheese, Edith is lively and fresh with a mild creamy blue flavour. As the cheese matures, two main changes occur – there is a pronounced intensity and sharpness on the palate and the paste changes to a velvety runny consistency. Edith is always a star on a cheese plate- her unique appearance, flavour & palate structure give an experience even the most discerning cheese lovers enjoy and remember. Half an hour to one hour at room temperature before serving is recommended.

KARLAND ESTATE ‘K-Series’ Sparkling Reserve 
WOODSIDE “Monet” Seasoned Fresh Goats Milk Cheese

Our Karland Estate K-Series Sparkling Reserve is a crisp, refreshing sparkling white made from a blend of Chenin Blanc, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The bouquet is fresh and inviting showing bright citrus and stone-fruit aromas which are enhanced by toasty yeast notes. The palate displays finesse with luscious fruit characters, hints of orange rind and fine creamy undertones. A crisp, natural acidity and a fine persistent bead lead to a clean, refreshing finish. We have paired this refined sparkling wine with one of the most elegantly presented cheeses you will see, Woodside’s “Monet” Seasoned Fresh Goats Milk Cheese.

The Monet has been put together using creamy fresh chevre which is set to a traditional overnight lactic fermentation method. The following day the curds are ladled by hand and drained before being whipped with a generous seasoning. The cheese is decorated in a selection of herbs and organic edible flowers. The flowers used vary depending on the season and each cheese is hand-made and decorated – so no two are alike. The finished product is not unlike photographs of Monet Gardens, from where the cheese derives its name. Beautifully boxed and presented, this cheese makes the perfect gift. Serve this cheese at room temperature and serve this wine chilled.


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