2015 Equi Animo Adelaide Hills Cabernet Sauvignon


A rare wine that shows intense varietal character, luscious fruit weight, robust body and a seamlessly smooth creamy mouthfeel.

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Small batch production. Outstanding Wine. 

A rare wine that displays luscious fruit weight and robust body, and at the same time shows intense varietal character and a seamlessly smooth creamy mouthfeel. Pure luxury. Decant and give the wine a minimum of 10 minutes of aeration to open up.

Appearance: Dark cherry red with brick red hues.

Nose: Complex and brooding with ripe mulberry and red-currant characters balanced with fresh varietal leafy mint notes. Intense, rich vanilla and caramel oak notes integrate perfectly into this opulent bouquet.

Palate:  Very full-bodied, showing ripe black currant and berry fruits with eucalypt and mint varietals. Vanilla, caramel and mint chocolate notes provide an amazingly rich mid-palate flavour profile. Heavy fruit weight and luscious velvety tannins create a decadent, creamy mouthfeel with amazing length of flavour.

For best expression of flavour; decant and allow the wine to breathe for 60 minutes prior to drinking.

Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon
Region: Adelaide Hills
Vintage: 2015
Alcohol: 15.3% Alc/vol

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